Problems with WordPress Like Plugin and Polylang

Sometimes, drugs interact with each other, and the same happens to Wordpress Plugins. The following example demonstrates one of such interactions. Both Polylang and Facebook Like plugins work completely as expected on themselves, however, when used together somethings get broken. Facebook Like plugin does somewhat what it's name implies: add the facebook button to your wordpress blog. It's also possible to share the page directly to facebook. Both features work flawlessly on its own. Polylang it's one of most useful…

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The state of openID third party login integration on WordPress

Last week a friend of mine asked me why count't I simply do the same authentication scheme as on Blogger? From a user's point of view, it made some sense: why have one more login, in as many sites. Well, from a security point of view, it may also make sense. On the aftermath of the Linkedinscandal, where around 9 million hashed passwords were disclosed, and about 2 million passwords were recovered, I wouldn't feel confortable having another unprotected database…

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