Problems of replicating Virtual Machine

One of the biggest advantages of VMs, is the capability of cloning and replicating them. This allows the creation of a number of similar systems, without having to replicate the configuration and installation time. Unfortunately , there are a small number of downsides: The MAC addresses are also cloned. Remember to generate new MAC addresses on each new cloned VM. Also, Ubunto caches this value, which will generate a typical error message on dmesg: "udev: renamed network interface eth0 to…

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How to manage a small Virtual Machine infrastructure

Over the last months, I felt the need to start a small virtual machine infrastructure to manage every small need on a laboratory at work. The set up infrastructure is the following: 1x Apple Macbook Pro 4.1 - for development of the appliances 2x HP DL360 with 8GB RAM running Ubuntu 10.4 - to run the VMs Note that is this NOT a production environment. This only covers a LAB needs and requirements, so stuff like redundancy and fail safe…

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Generating random files

Why on earth would someone want to generate files of random content (not files with random name) ? Well, there is one big reason to do it: generate incompressible files. This seems a small reason, but there are a number os usage scenarios (apart from proving that random content is incompressible), most focus on transmitting files. Although is transparent to most people, but some tools do background compression namely, https, IPSEC and SSL VPNs, etc, and as such, trying to…

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