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Problems of replicating Virtual Machine

One of the biggest advantages of VMs, is the capability of cloning and replicating them. This allows the creation of a number of similar systems, without having to replicate the configuration and installation time. Unfortunately , there are a small number of downsides: The MAC addresses are also cloned. Remember to generate new MAC addresses on each new cloned VM. Also, Ubunto caches this value, which will generate a typical error message on dmesg: "udev: renamed network interface eth0 to…

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How to manage a small Virtual Machine infrastructure

Over the last months, I felt the need to start a small virtual machine infrastructure to manage every small need on a laboratory at work. The set up infrastructure is the following: 1x Apple Macbook Pro 4.1 - for development of the appliances 2x HP DL360 with 8GB RAM running Ubuntu 10.4 - to run the VMs Note that is this NOT a production environment. This only covers a LAB needs and requirements, so stuff like redundancy and fail safe…

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