SMW’s Semantic Result Formats – Jqplotchart/Jqplotseries format – A guide

One of the most interesting aspects of Semantic Mediawiki is the data to chart integration, done though the Semantic Result Formats extension, and using the Jqplotchart and Jqplotseries formats, which in itself are based on jqPlot. However, it's documentation and code examples are not as thorough as one can expect. Requirements To start with, just make sure you have all the proper extensions installed, namelly: Mediawiki version prior to 1.21(*) (1.20.6 is OK) Semantic Mediawiki 1.8 - Both SWM and SRF are…

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Generating random files

Why on earth would someone want to generate files of random content (not files with random name) ? Well, there is one big reason to do it: generate incompressible files. This seems a small reason, but there are a number os usage scenarios (apart from proving that random content is incompressible), most focus on transmitting files. Although is transparent to most people, but some tools do background compression namely, https, IPSEC and SSL VPNs, etc, and as such, trying to…

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